What I can do for you...

A professional service that includes a free initial consultation, one to one and small group personal training to increase general fitness, reduce body fat, fitness testing, sports specific training, fight training and pad work, nutritional advice, sports remedial massage and general massage to reduce muscular and joint pain.

Personal Training Packages

One hour training sessions also include ongoing programs, training and nutritional advice.
NB. This is for 4 people or less, an additional £5 per person for more than 4

Small Groups



What: Total Fitness Camp (TFC) is a group training session for individuals with a variety of fitness levels and experience, ranging from complete beginner to advanced. As part of TFC you will be provided with individual nutritional guidance for healthy eating to reduce body fat and to sustain energy for daily activities. There will be ongoing advice for training outside of the TFC sessions.

When: Every Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30am
Each session will differ from week to week and will range from body weighted cardio exercises, fight based exercises (pad work) and training to include kettlebells, and other exciting training equipment.

Where: Outside on good weather days and inside when suitable.
Wodson Park
Sports and Leisure Centre
Wadesmill Road
SG12 0UQ

£10 per session

First taster session is free.

Pre and Post Natal-Training

I have a Premier International Training qualification for Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Prescription. This facilitates the body to prepare for the full term of pregnancy and also to help with returning the body to its pre-pregnancy condition postpartum both safely and effectively. Nutritional advice is always included in this.


Massage Therapy
£45 per hour

Relaxation Massage
To reduce stress, muscular tension and to increase physiological and psychological well being.

Sports Remedial
To help both the non-athlete and the athlete with injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. To assist athletes (fun, recreational, serious recreational, semi professional and professional) with training, sports performance and recovery form training.

NB. This is a mobile service and treatments are performed at your home.


Your training experience is your choice; I can train you outside, from your home or at Wodson Park Sports Centre. I am a resident personal trainer at Hanbury Manor and instructor/personal trainer at Hertford Fitness Studios.

I also offer sports remedial massage and general massage treatments.

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Darren Black Fitness


Terms and Conditions of Business

Personal Training

  1. The content of a single session purchase will be a 60 minute session and a single written programme (unless a Remedial massage). Any further updates of the programme will be charged a fee of £25.
  2. The content of a block booking (10 sessions and above) will be a succession of 60 minute sessions (not including remedial massage), continual programming and updates of the programme providing the block booking is valid, nutritional advice and guidance, fitness testing and postural assessment (where appropriate and required).
  3. Lateness of the client by 15 minutes or more will be deemed as a used session, equally if the trainer is late by 15 minutes or more an additional session will be added to the block booking.
  4. All cancellations with less than 48hrs notice will be considered used and deducted from block booking.
  5. A session cancelled by the trainer with less than 48hrs notice will be considered a no show and an additional session will be added to the block booking.
  6. Sessions of a block booking are to be used within a minimum of a 4-month period, if not used within this period, the sessions will be considered used and no refund will apply unless previously agreed with the trainer.
  7. Refunds are at the discretion of the trainer.
  8. Any refunds from a block booking with sessions outstanding will be repaid deducting each session used at the single session rate of £50.
  9. Refunds will be made within 28 working days and are subject to a 20% administration fee.
  10. Any refunds made after the end of a tax year will be subject to a further 20% charge for the loss of revenue.
  11. Any requests for further programming from a client with a block booking may take up to 72hrs to complete.
  12. A sports or remedial massage is charged by the massage and not by the hour depending on the needs and requirements of the client.
  13. These terms, conditions and fees are subject to change at any point with a given notice of 28 days.

Total Fitness Camp (TFC) Terms and Conditions

  1. Monthly blocking must be used from payment and will not be carried over.
  2. TFC can be conducted inside or outside regardless of weather conditions but the trainer will endeaver to be inside when the weather is inclement.
  3. Payments for all TFC sessions must be paid prior to months commence.
  4. Bank holidays at Darren Black Fitness discretion.
  5. These terms, conditions and fees are subject to change at any point with a given notice of 28 days.